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Challenge Rules of PAROLE

  • Only registered users of PAROLE Website who have real e-mail addresses and not offensive user names can participate
    to the Challenge.

    There are many Rankings: the General Ranking, the Monthly Rankings, the Sprinters Ranking, the Regularity Ranking, the Experimental Ranking, the Hall Of Fame, the Daily Rankings and the Area Rankings (Graphic Puzzles' Area and Other Games' Area).

    General, Regularity and Area Rankings are reset after each new Challenge (every 4 months). Sprinters and Experimental Rankings are reset every 2 months.

    Winning a Challenge or having published one or more games DOESN'T GIVE THE RIGHT TO ANY FORM OF PRIZE,
    except the personal satisfaction.

    The PAROLE's Staff has the exclusive power to remove any player considered unfair (ie.: those using more than one user name or asking, showing or using any kind of outside help).

    Each Game (Crossword, Rebus, Riddle, Sudoku, Calcudoku, etc...) is published at 22.30 GMT+1 (except when indicated otherwise) and has an expiration date, after which it will go to Archives Section. On Saturdays there is usually another Game at 14.00 GMT+1. The only games valid for the Challenge and its Rankings are the ones not yet expired.

    Each game has a Maximum Score.

    The most complex Games also give a Minimum Score of 1 or 2 Points to the users who complete them even if incorrect, and a Bonus of 1 or 2 Points to the players who submit the right solution on the first try.

    For each Game, more than 3 attempts cannot be sent.

    PAROLE's Staff